• KCA-WL100

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Wireless mirroring adapter

Optional product to transmit AV files, screen images in a Smartphone wirelessly and let a customer enjoy the images and music with the unit.

Основные функциональные особенности

Wireless mirroring
Content share with iPhone
Wireless link
Access point (AP) function
Requires the free Android "Kenwood Smartphone Control" App
Include HDMI and power supply cable
Change modes by touching the panel

Общие особенности

Network Protocol: uPnP (Media Renderer)
IEEE Standard: 802.11 a:b:g:n
Frequenxy range: Dual band (2,4GHz - 5 GHz)
2,4Ghz Channel: Auto (1-11ch)
5GHz Channel: Auto (149,153,157,161,165ch)
11g & 11a Transfer Rates: 54 Mbps
11n Transfer Rates: 65 Mbps
11b Transfer Rates: 11 Mbps
Output Power(+/-1,5dBm): 11n:13dBm/11b:16dBm/11g:15dBm/11n:14dBm
HDMI Connector type: Typa A
HDMI Version 1.3a
HDMI Max. Resol.: 1920 x 1080px
USB max supply current: 500mA
Operation Voltage: 14,4V (10,5 - 16V)
Max Current Consumption: 250mA
Dimensions: 99 x 32 x 11mm
Weight: 54 gr